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Tuesday Pick-up Preorders MUST be submitted between 9am-Midnight on Monday.

Thursday Pick-up Preorders MUST be submitted between 9am Tuesday to 12pm Wednesday.

*Scroll down for pick-up instructions. 


Pick-up is only available at the primary address: 3223 SE 92nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266

Please follow these steps for pickup: 

1. You MUST bring your Link2Feed Card
(if you do not have Link2Feed, your preorder will be put on hold until after you have signed up at the location)

2. Enter via the SOUTH Entrance on 92nd Street.

3. Pull ahead to the PICK UP location & follow POBC Staff.

4. Verify your name & Link2Feed with our team.

5. After receiving your box, exit via the SOUTH Entrance, back onto 92nd street.